Our inventory and distribution programs can lower your product cost and maintain a steady availability of signs and decals when and where you need it. Ideal for higher volume customers or companies that reorder multiple times during the year, we will stock your custom items in our 28,000 square foot facility over the inventory term and ready them for shipment upon request.

Inventory customers receive these benefits

  • Lower your unit price by purchasing a higher volume to be used over the inventory term.
  • Conserve cash flow by paying for items as they ship rather than all at once.
  • Reduce your on-site storage requirements.
  • Guaranteed shipment within 1-3 business days from receipt of a request and often same day.
  • Choice of an automatic monthly or other regular shipment schedule or simply order as needed.
  • Request inventory shipments from your online customer account, by email, phone or fax.
  • Eliminate production lead time in between reorders so you never run out of stock.
  • Track your inventory status online and receive updates when it is time to replenish stock.

For more information about our inventory and distribution programs, please contact your account representative or call us at 800-472-7336 or email us at signs@maxwellmfg.com.