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RiteFlash Active LED Decals

Our exclusive RiteFlash LED decals are custom built for your company
with an innovative random flashing LED light that actively announces the
presence of a professional installed security system.

Perfect as a promotional tool to help close more sales or as an incentive for your customer to extend their service or monitoring contract.
  • Provides an active first line of defense against intrusion

  • Visible up to 30' by day and up to 200' at night

  • LED light lasts up to 3 years on one replaceable battery

  • Flashes randomly up to 300 times per hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Made with polished rigid vinyl, high durability UV inks and front facing adhesive for interior mounting on glass or windows

  • Custom made in any design or shape for consistent branding

For more information or pricing please contact us at 800-472-7336 or email us at signs@maxwellmfg.com.