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Measuring & Ordering

How To Measure Your Alarm Screens Like A Pro

See measuring instructions pdf here.

How To Disassemble Screens For Packaging & Shipment To Us

See screen disassembly instructions pdf here.

Many customers choose to ship existing screens to us for repair or for conversion from standard screen to alarm screen. By disassembling your screens before shipment you can substantially lower your shipping cost by using smaller packaging and reduce the risk of damage during shipment. Of course, you can always ship carefully packaged fully assembled screens to us.

How To Obtain A Custom Alarm Screen Quote Or Place An Order

See the alarm screen job form pdf here.

Fax or email the completed form to us to receive your quotation or to place an order. For help with completing this form, please refer to the measuring instructions. Of course, you can always call us to at 800-472-7336 or email us at rcortes@maxwellmfg.com for assistance or questions.